Love in a Casserole Dish

Trying times bring out the best in people. Stories of working together after hurricanes, etc. are common. But there is one gesture that gets under reported — the gift of prepared food.

A couple times a week since my brain surgery on Feb 16 we have been blessed with getting a meal dropped off. Its such a relief, the donors may have no idea what a treat this is, not to worry about making food

I thank my sisters for brilliantly organized the modern online version of what we did in the old days know as the casserole drop off.  This is a corner stone of a compassionate community of Parrsboro where i grew up. Death in the family, drop off a casserole; illness in family, drop off casserole. It is surprising how this takes a great load off the mind of the caregiver.  Andrea who is back to work full time after spending the first week at home with me.

This simple gesture so appreciated that is stuff of goodness. There is something beautiful about  making food for somebody in need. Think about it like knitting a scarf when you already know who`s receiving it. Every stitch is like a prayer. Maybe a casserole has a prayer or at least the thought of the recipient in the food makers mind and heart. Love doesn`t come in a finer dish.

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