There’s is more of us out there

Its been a while, 4 months almost to the day Feb 16. Almost everyone I meet tells me how good i look, i actually started wondering how bad did I look before? Andrea finds herself  with a neck that gets sore as she reaches up to plant one on my taller stance. I personally notice good energy and see, and more importantly respond to, the funny. My voice quality has been a concern  as i tweak the dial but overall my voice is good when it needs to be and that’s the magic. Settings (for future reference are R 2.0 and L 0.0) It’s still humbling how advanced elective surgery is universally available to help. Had a brain Brunch recently where my fellow DBS experienced friends compared notes. Left to right: Paul April 2018, Sheri, March 2018 and Moi, Feb 2018dbs friends

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